Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 5: Mother's day gift

We hope those of you whose children attended our Mother's Day craft last week, enjoyed their gift! All the children really worked hard at making something their Mothers would love and some were truly inspired! We did a separate class for some older kids and they used paint on canvas. The younger children used fabric crayons. As we had so many great bags, we couldn't resist putting up more photos than usual here.

April 14: Bunnies and chicks

These chicks and bunnies were made using mini flower pots, scrunched up tissue paper and chopped up yarn. Predictably the children had as much fun spreading the chopped up yarn all over the floor as well as sticking it on the rabbits... So if you ever want to do this at home, and don't want to be vacuuming up stray rabbit hair everywhere,I would highly recommend doing it outdoors! But even if we say so ourselves, the result was well worth the effort!