Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nov 18: Paper plate trees

The original idea for these paper plate tree came from Bkids  but we changed it a bit to make it easier for small hands as well as give them more scope for using glue and beads etc! The paper plates are available in most supermarkets, although you may need to search to find an appropriately Christmassy color. I also saw silver and gold in Divisoria. We used silver card stock from National Bookstore for the ornaments although it is not often in stock. You could also use white and paint it or any other color your kids like, We use ricrac, sequins etc to decorate the ornaments and we tied the plates together with twisty ties sold in baking supply shops to close plastic bags used for packing cookies and candies. You do need a fairly tacky glue as the surface of the plates are pepped to withstand water and they'll also withstand ordinary paper glues.

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